Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cosmic Church - Absoluutin Lävistämä LP

Siege Engine Records is proud to present the LP version of the debut album from Cosmic Church,  "Absoluutin Lävistämä". Following the path set forth by the "Arcana Dei" triology, Cosmic Church continue the journey on their first full length album. Cold melodies further enhanced by bleak, desperate vocals, stand forth as a monument, while yet serving as a new imprint, to Finnish black metal. The initial release on CD from Grievantee Productions (R.I.P.) is long out of print, thus making this the perfect time to re-release this masterpiece. 

Highlights include:

-New and revised artwork and layout specifically designed for the LP version

-Professionally printed, LP size insert with the original Finnish lyrics and featuring English translations not included in the original CD

-Heavyweight, 180 gram vinyl

-350gsm LP jackets

Prepare to be Pierced by the Absolute!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mitochondrion | Gyibaaw Split CD Out Now!

In a time where a majority a split releases are comprised of bands who seemingly have little common ground, much less any familiarity with one another, fellow Canadians Mitochondrion and Gyibaaw are poised to reverse that trend. Having built a bond through mutual musical and ideological admiration, in additional to having toured together, "Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt " now serves as the physical manifestation of their brotherhood. The opening track, "Rituals of Transcendence", hammers that point further as members of both bands merge together seamlessly to create a truly unique instrumental piece.

Mitochondrion lays the groundwork for the remainder of the release with a re-recorded version of the title track from their 2006 demo, "Through Cosmic Gaze"; fully realizing its true potential with a powerful production. With a nod to the past, they quickly leap to the present, offering a rough mix of "Trials" from their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Parasignosis."

Gyibaaw summon forth two new tracks - their first offerings since their much talked about debut release, "Ancestral War Hymns." "Nalaxyuubm Wil Waal Wilduu" and "Iɫeh Tsimshian" further celebrate their Tsimshian heritage and continue to develop their already boundary defying sound.

Rounding out the release sees both bands paying tribute to bands, who just as themselves, forged solid identities within the underground. Mitochondrion blazes through a blistering cover of Rites of Thy Degringolade's "Totality" and commences with Inquisition's "Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan", a more than worthy eulogy to a highly inimitable band. Gyibaaw continues their devotion to ancestral pride with a fitting tribute to Drudkh's "Furrows of Gods", with help from N. Yanchuk of Mitochondrion on guest vocals and mandolin.

Stellar artwork by HT (Antediluvian) channels the essence of both bands into a cohesive, four panel layout, further exemplifying this release as a true ideological union. Printed on red, textured stock and limited to 500 copies, "Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt " proves yet another milestone in the rich history of Canadian metal.

  1. Rituals of Transcendence/Liimk Halaayt {Collaboration between Mitochondrion and Gyibaaw}
  2. Through Cosmic Gaze {Mitochondrion}
  3. Nalaxyuubm Wil Waal Wilduu {Gyibaaw}
  4. Trials {Mitochondrion}
  5. Iɫeh Tsimshian {Gyibaaw}
  6. Totality {Rites of Thy Degringolade cover - Mitochondrion}
  7. Furrows of the Gods {Drudkh cover - Gyibaaw}
  8. Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan {Inquisition cover - Mitochondrion}

$8.00 - U.S./Canada

$10.00 - Rest of World