Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cosmic Church - Absoluutin Lävistämä LP

Siege Engine Records is proud to present the LP version of the debut album from Cosmic Church,  "Absoluutin Lävistämä". Following the path set forth by the "Arcana Dei" triology, Cosmic Church continue the journey on their first full length album. Cold melodies further enhanced by bleak, desperate vocals, stand forth as a monument, while yet serving as a new imprint, to Finnish black metal. The initial release on CD from Grievantee Productions (R.I.P.) is long out of print, thus making this the perfect time to re-release this masterpiece. 

Highlights include:

-New and revised artwork and layout specifically designed for the LP version

-Professionally printed, LP size insert with the original Finnish lyrics and featuring English translations not included in the original CD

-Heavyweight, 180 gram vinyl

-350gsm LP jackets

Prepare to be Pierced by the Absolute!